When Life is Hard ~ Choose Joy!

Each day brings new life challenges…

  • Working to restore a broken relationship
  • Caring for an aging parent
  • Supporting a depressed spouse
  • Doing your best in a difficult  job
  • Giving “tough love” to a troubled teen
Imagine intentionally choosing to…

  • Seek hope in the midst of life’s challenges
  • Give yourself permission to care for you
  • Discover your “abundant life”
  • Find your unique passion and purpose
  • Pursue a life of Joy “on-purpose”
Joy on Purpose Life Coaching will…

  • Help you discover your unique gifts and purpose
  • Move you past the difficult, stuck places
  • Partner with you to find hope and joy in living
  • Encourage you to be all God intended you to be
  • Spur you on to reach your goals


Discover how Life Coaching can help you find Joy on Purpose!

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